Shore Home Solutions is proud to offer Radio RA2 lighting control systems from Lutron. Lutron Lighting Control systems are reliable, user friendly, and simply amazing. With the RadioRA2 systems, you don’t need any new wires run to any of your light switches. We’ll just swap the old light switches out with the new Lutron switches, install a main repeater, login to the system to program the lighting scenes that you would like programmed into the system, and you are done.

We have installed these systems in residential as well as commercial environments. In a bar or restaurant, you may want the lights to automatically dim once the sun goes down. Well, we can do that! With the automatic sunrise and sunset times that are configured in the system, we can make the lights automatically dim to a specific level, with the sunset, throughout the year without changing any settings whether it’s August or December. Maybe the employees aren’t good about turning all of the lights off when they leave. Well, we can help with that too! We can set specific times that you would like the lights to turn on/off so that the employees’ bad habits, don’t affect your business.

In your home, wouldn’t it be nice if your outdoor lighting would turn on when the sun goes down and off when it comes up? How about having the ability to easily turn on/off specific lights, or to shut down the entire house at bedtime from your bed, with the touch of one button, using the FREE smartphone app? Or, better yet, what if your surveillance system sent you an alert while you were out, to tell you that there was motion detected on your property? You open your surveillance camera system app and see that someone is walking around your property looking in windows or in your garage, what do you do? You simply open your Lutron app and turn every light inside and every light outside of your home on with the touch of a button, and watch the intruder run for the hills. This is all possible using our Lutron Lighting Control Systems.

You can learn more about Lutron Lighting Control Systems at Lutron’s homepage or by clicking this link:

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