We offer a large selection of optical mirror/hidden television solutions that are designed to compliment any decor.  With the various different glass and frame styles available, you’re sure to find a mirror that not only hides your TV when it isn’t in use, but also adds style and sophistication to any room.   We can have mirrors custom made to hide any size of  flat screen TV using a variety of frame options from extremely ornate gold leaf frames to frames custom made from reclaimed, remilled wood provided by Old Wood & Co., who reclaims and locally mills the lumber and hand builds each and every piece.  We offer Mirror Television Solutions as well as custom built furniture with the television hidden inside and mounted to a motorized lift.  No need to see a TV or any electronics because when not in use, everything is hidden inside of the furniture.  This works in Family rooms, dining rooms, hotel lobbies, conference rooms, and even at the end of your bed! We also offer art frames, which hide the TVs behind custom artwork.  When you’re ready to watch TV, the art rolls up behind the frame exposing your flat screen TV.

This includes ArtScreen Technology from Vutec. We can hide your TV behind your favorite piece of artwork or you can choose from a plethora of licensed artwork from Vutec.  Imagine your family room with no visible TV or surround sound.  Your speakers are hidden in the ceiling and the walls and your TV is hiding behind a piece of art hanging above your fireplace.  You hit the button on your remote that says “Watch TV”, everything powers on in a remote location, your TV turns on, and your art rolls up automatically showing that flat screen beauty! What a “WOW” factor! Check out these products now @ http://vutec.com/artscreen/ and then…..

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