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At Shore Home Solutions, we are dedicated to getting repeat business from our clients. We are always seeking to create long lasting relationships, to ensure that you always call us when you need our help. From simple things such as the wireless network equipment at your home or office, to your home theater and automation systems, to the high definition video surveillance system at you business or residence, we are only a call or an email away. We sell, service, and install everything that you can think of that is technology based. From commercial and residential AV equipment, to high definition video surveillance systems, to high end home audio systems. We have access to so many different products from so many different manufacturers, that we are sure to be able to come up with a system that not only falls within budget, but it will be sure to amaze as well.

One of the things that really sets us apart from other AV and security companies, is that we offer a service that no one else offers. When we sell a product to you, whether it’s under warranty for only one year, or ten years, we back up the manufacturer’s warranty. Which means, if you have any trouble with a product that we sold to you, you’ll call us not the manufacturer, and we will personally come out to repair or replace the bad part, reinstall the part, and not only do we NOT charge you for the new or repaired part, but we DO NOT charge you anything for our time either. Most companies, after the initial thirty days, would tell you to either call the manufacturer to setup the warranty replacement yourself. Or, they’d offer to come out to do it for you, but then hand you a bill for the time that they spent repairing or replacing the bad part. We’ve never thought that this was right, so we don’t operate this way.

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